Tango On Fire with Ensemble Iberica featuring Christine Brebes (violin, Argentina) and Grayson Masefield (accordion, New Zealand)

Friday, July 19th 7:30PM
Lincoln Firefighter's Hall

Beau Bledsoe and his Ensemble Iberica colleagues Mark Lowrey (keyboards) and Jeff Harshbarger (bass) are joined by acclaimed Argentine tango violinist Christine Brebes and internationally award-winning accordionist Grayson Masefield in a program of scintillating tangos.
The program will be followed by a milonga — patrons are invited to stay and dance the night away!


Grayson Masefield is a New Zealand born accordionist and is the first person to win World Championships in Classical, Virtuoso and Digital accordion categories. He is the Instrumental Music Teacher for Accordion at the University of Auckland, New Zealand and is the founder of AOTANGO.Born in Auckland, New Zealand, he studied in France with Frederic Deschamps, completed a Master in Specialised Music Performance at HEMU Lausanne, Switzerland with Stephane Chapuis, and a Masters of Studio Pedagogy from the University of Auckland.He is regularly invited to adjudicate and/or appear as Guest Artist at international competitions he has previously won, CIA in Italy, China & Russia, CMA in USA & Portugal, Primus Ikaalinen in Finland and Roland International in Rome. At the 2010 Coupe Mondiale, VaraĹždin, Croatia, Grayson was elected to the prestigious CIA Music Committee and today is Vice-Chairman of the CIA Music Committee.Over the years, Grayson has been invited to perform in many countries including France, Spain, Germany, UK, Portugal, Slovakia, Italy, USA, Canada, Russia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Portugal, China, Switzerland, Chile, Czech Republic, Singapore, South Korea, Austria, New Zealand, Australia, Finland.

Christine Brebes in her own words:
I moved to Buenos Aires in 2002 to play in La Orquesta Escuela de Tango, led by the most talented Emilio Balcarce. We learned lots of styles from the living masters of tango that still graced us with their presence. We played in Teatro Colon. We recorded. It was a magical time. Since then, I have traveled to play tango in Japan, Italy, England and the US. I’ve played in orquesta tipicas with Julian Plaza, Victor Lavallen, Sexteto Mayor, musicians that played with Miguel Calo (La Orquesta Tipica Sans Souci). I’ve had the pleasure of playing in the touring tango shows: Tango Dreams, Tango x 2 de Miguel Angel Zotto, and Roberto Herrera & Compañia. I’ve recorded with quite a lot of tango musicians, all of whom I deeply admire and respect. I enjoy teaching different tango techniques to visitors who make the same pilgrimage as I have. 

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